Use Visual Studio Code tools to improve productivity

blurred lights of vehicles speeding along a street
blurred lights of vehicles speeding along a street
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Visual Studio Code is a free and open source code editor that supports almost any and every programming language. It runs on Windows, macOS X, and Linux systems.

Beyond an IDE

VS Code has an exclusive marketplace that offers many off-the-shelf plugins to customize the platform to your needs, such as themes, extensions, debuggers, language supports, and other additional supports.

Compared to Visual Studio, VS Code is significantly lightweight, and the difference can be instantly felt. This is because it runs applications in the background and independent from the IDE, making sure the IDE doesn't slow down.

No matter what type of project…

Which one should you learn?

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React Native and Flutter are the top mobile frameworks for building iOS and Android mobile applications. These frameworks have been the gossip amongst the developer community, with a lot of competition and comparison between the two in recent years.

The Problem With Native Mobile App Development

Android Studio and Xcode have been dominating the mobile development industry until certain problems were raised. Thus, requiring an optimized solution. The problems were:

  • The need for different codebases for different platforms (iOS and Android)
  • Hiring platform-specific developers was expensive
  • Development and maintenance costs were high

This resulted in the introduction of cross-platform mobile development frameworks such as React Native and…

State management from class to functional components

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React is an open source JavaScript library that smartly segments the DOM from the virtual DOM and brings an innovative approach to state management when building web applications. It follows a component-based architecture and an innovative approach towards state management.

Components in React

In React, components are implemented with a JavaScript Class, a state, and a render method.

However, it is not recommended to always use class components. It’s quite heavy and it's always best to stick to class components only if there is a need for state management within that component.

Functional Components

When we come across components that don’t have a state…

Three sources of income and an investment plan

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In my country, everyone is almost a millionaire. With everything being materialistic and costly, due to currency depreciation, of course, everyone is stuck in the “rat-race” to find the money to put some food on their tables.

I respect all jobs! We are all just trying our best to put some food on our plates. Yet, most of us are just surviving. When are we to live?

So here are some of my experiences and income sources that I am willing to share with you and why.

Why different sources of income?

A single source of income would only put food on your plate. As…

How to use AdminLTE 3 template with Laravel 8 application

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Laravel is a free, open-source, fully-fledged PHP framework that is used for developing Web applications. It is currently one of the most powerful frameworks along with CodeIgniter, Zend, and many more.

Laravel abides by the Model-View-Controller architecture based on Symphony. For those of you familiar with ASP.NET Core MVC, Laravel is much similar to that, given that it's written in PHP.

AdminLTE 3

Admin LTE is a free, open-source Admin Dashboard and Control Panel Template which is built above Bootstrap. AdminLTE has developed over years and it is currently in version 3.x.

Its simplicity and fluidity help reduce development time using HTML…

Walking the miserable path of rookie mistakes

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How it all started

Software Development was a nightmare when I started. I had zero knowledge of coding and barely any prior knowledge of computers. But, I did know to fiddle about with emails, browsing the internet, and using certain simple day-to-day software like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Quite a start isn't it.

Rookies Mistakes

I am dedicating this story to share with you my knowledge and wisdom on the struggles and sharp turns in my life to become a successful software engineer. So, let's walk down the path of my rookie mistakes and see if we could make something out of it.

A complete beginner’s guide to unit-test automation with Jest

A Lego Star Wars character holding a paint brush and standing at an easel.
A Lego Star Wars character holding a paint brush and standing at an easel.
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Automated testing is the process of performing tests on a program automatically. To do this, we need to write test scripts that execute the testing process as per the test cases. Some of the many benefits of automating test cases are:

  • Test more code in lesser time
  • Catch bugs before deploying the app
  • Deploy with confidence
  • Refactor effortlessly
  • Focus on quality of code

There is no bug-free software. The main purpose of testing is to fail the code and identify at least one bug.

Unit testing is used to test a single functional component of an application with no or…

Compromising for a healthier relationship

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Let’s talk relationships! Family, friends, and love!

Relationships are a ‘beautiful complication’ with a mixture of the most beautiful feelings in this universe. It’s more than just feeling loved. It’s more than just emotions. It’s growing together, with each other and for each other to build a beautiful future and a lovely present.

Compromise is an essential component in a relationship that is required in abundance to overcome the hurdles that may arise at different stages. Compromising helps to keep the sparks up and boosts the growth of understanding between one another.

Elders have advised, successful relationship are that, where…

Using black correctly in UI design

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User Experience and User Interface are the fundamental concern of any successful software. Thus, developers have identified and adopted the dark themed interfaces (as an optional theme) to serve users and help them reduce eye strain, especially in low-light or in the dark.

Dim lights are known for de-stressing and saving energy. The dark mode is a low light interface using darker colors, usually black or a shade of grey, as its primary background color. It’s an inversion of the default white UI that designers have been using for ages.

Night mode and dark themes have become an emergence in…

It’s time for coffee! Dare not to think of work!

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Surviving through busy schedules day-to-day at work can get hectic. And that’s why breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks are rated the most sacred moments for nourishing and relaxing one’s self, in a professional environment.

Why a coffee break?

It's the divine 20 to 60 minutes off the day, which works miracles in boosting productivity by re-charging the batteries sufficient to accomplish my goals for the day. Precisely, it's the time where the body, mind, and soul refuel and re-energize itself for completing the day.

Some general benefits of having coffee breaks:

  • Offers time to de-stress and relax
  • Help keep calm and be mindful
  • Helps…

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